Going through the hard times, No one felt my pain, And no one knew my struggle. They saw me as a trouble, While I spent each day Like trapped in a bubble. But the game is life And life is a struggle  One smile from a stranger, Seems like the bright way at the end of the tunnel.      -Ratika RatikaBhardwaj2018©


Wish you were here

It’s pitch dark here in the sky, And mild breeze is stirring the leaves, Lying in bed with my eyes opened wide, Recollecting the memories of a dream incomplete I could only think of you at this time, Wishing you were here by my side Whispering your very thoughts and sweetest lies. Ratika Bhardwaj 2018©


Criminalizing Talaq-e-biddat

Hello guys. I wasn't active on wordpress from a long time as I got busy with other works. Today, I am here to share my views on Talaq-e - biddat. Last week in India, the Muslim Women Ordinance which talks about the protection of marriage rights made decision declaring talaq-e-biddat a crime. According to Section… Continue reading Criminalizing Talaq-e-biddat


I Breathe In Poetry

Doctor advises,‚ÄĚAn apple a day keeps you fit.‚ÄĚ Oh, I agree but what if I breathe in poetry? I tell you, nothing lures me more than a poetry a day Yes, may be impeachable and banish able for you. But, my world is bounded in its words. You can find peace when your mind is… Continue reading I Breathe In Poetry