Ways To Overcome Sadness

Our life is full of emotions. Sometimes we may be happy and sometimes we may feel sad; it’s alright in life. Life is an adventurous ride which brings all sorts of uncertain adventures. It depends on us whether we want to enjoy the ride or be  fearful and give up. Everyone shares the same part of this adventurous ride.
Today, depression is the prominent disorder in groups of all ages. It has become a part of everyone’s life to over think on every situation. If we look deep inside ourselves, we will find that it is us who create a space for self doubts in mind and that often leads to sadness and further depression. See, the thing is no one can control the uncertain circumstances in life  but certainly one can change the perspective of thinking to get out of sadness and pain.

Usually, it entirely depends on our choice to deal with sadness. Some of you may follow your heart, others may  deal with head and some may understand the truth and move froward. Here, I am going to share some ways in which you can overcome your sadness.

    There is something worth in this world which we are given free i.e happiness. No one is going to charge tax on you when you are happy. It takes few seconds for the corners of the lips to slid upwards . Everyone seeks for happiness and it comes from ourselves. We go wrong when we try to find happiness in others and it may hurt more afterwards.
    You are sad only when you have self doubts. Guys, whatever is going to happen, it will happen. Situations do not need your approval to enter in your life whenever you want. Remember to let go off situations. If something happened wrong leaving you sad then accept it. It happened because it was to happen and you can’t do anything now. Even every good step will make it worst if you will try to revive the situations as they were before. So, the best way is accept the truth ,don’t give it a second thought and move on before it leads to sadness. I swear, this is the best way to comfort your heart once you learn this magical thing.
    If you ever find yourself trapped in between difficult situations, then, follow your hidden talents. You may like to write,dance,sing,paint,playing muscial intruments, do photography and many other stuffs. Some may find happiness in doing social work.This makes you forget your sadness and the happiness you gain is twice.You will feel better while engaging yourself in your favorite activity.
    People and atmosphere around us effect us the most. There are some people who will be always negative in their thinking. Such people should be avoided because the weight of problems in everyone’s life is already heavy and no one enjoys listening to negative thoughts.Then, there is always a cheerful, joke cracking, crazy person in each group who can change your mood from sad to happy . Hold on conversations with your friends, enjoy spending time with your friends and family. Confess to everyone that you are happy and you love your life the way it’s going. If you can keep people around you happy then, you will seek happiness from yourself.
    People in this world exist despite having troubles more than you. You don’t ever know the real troubles which may be much destructive than your troubles. Look outside, you may find people settling their houses on the roadside with one blanket begging for basic needs of life. So, we should always be thankful to God in whatever condition we are living. If the almighty has given you life to live, enjoy it without considering situations.Hope, this would have helped you to some extent. 🙂o-HAPPINESS-facebook
    *Images taken from google.
Ratika Bhardwaj

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