I Breathe In Poetry

Doctor advises,”An apple a day keeps you fit.”
Oh, I agree but what if I breathe in poetry?
I tell you, nothing lures me more than a poetry a day
Yes, may be impeachable and banish able for you.
But, my world is bounded in its words.

You can find peace when your mind is at war,
Profound joy when you are feeling sad,
A new world when everything turns tedious
A beautiful soul when you find yourself ugly
It’s an expression of various sensations.

I don’t understand everything what it says,
Yet I feel, it is the finest drink I intake
It makes me unbalanced,nutty and sometimes screwed,
Believe me, I can fancy my thoughts never anyone supposed
It’s a journey to my dreams.

Give me a full meal,not only a dessert
I want to sense every word as its ranting to me,
I want to air with the characters forged by it
I want to bosom with every drama it yields
It’s my own voice narcissistic.

What else can be better than my own words,
I harvest in the best out of all the fields
Fruits I get may not be applauded by you,
But, it doesn’t mean I am poor
I am the creator of my aesthetic rhymes.

© Copyright 2017
Ratika Bhardwaj


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